14 januari 2020

Egyptian human rights lawyer Gamel Eid assaulted


On 29 December 2019, the Egyptian human rights lawyer Gamel Eid was physically attacked by armed men who appeared to have been security forces. This was reported by Human Rights Watch. Eid is a prominent human rights lawyer and the executive director of the

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10 januari 2020

Concerns about draft law restricting judicial independence


Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about the possible adoption of the so-called ‘Gag-act’ in Poland, a draft law that would put judges at risk of disciplinary action for their interpretation and application of the law, including EU and international law.

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9 januari 2020

Caravana Blog #11


15 months after: Colombia, no has sido olvidado (Colombia, you haven’t been forgotten) On 28 September 2018, while writing the final blog for the 2018 Caravana Internacional de Juristas a Colombia, I promised myself to not forget Colombia. To not

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6 januari 2020

Dag van de Bedreigde Advocaat. Kom ook!

Vrijdag 24 januari 2020 is de jaarlijkse ‘Dag van de bedreigde advocaat’. Dit jaar bestaat Stichting Dag van de Bedreigde Advocaat tien jaar, en het is dan ook de tiende keer dat de dag wordt georganiseerd. Dit jaar staat de dag in

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19 december 2019

Vacature legal assistant

Vacature legal assistant 16 uur per week, per 1 maart 2020  Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) komt op voor bedreigde advocaten. We helpen advocaten om hun taak als beschermer van de rechtsstaat vrij en onafhankelijk te kunnen uitoefenen en zetten ons

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14 december 2019

Open letter on disciplinary measures against Shahla Humbatova


In an open letter to the Presidium of the Azerbaijani Bar Association Lawyers for Lawyers together with several other organizations expressed concern about the disproportionate disciplinary measures against lawyer Shahla Humbatova. She is now facing suspension and pending disbarment. Humbatova

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12 december 2019

Vacature stage communicatie

Gemiddeld 16 uur/wk, per 1 maart 2020 Wil jij je communicatie skills inzetten om het verschil maken te voor bedreigde advocaten die opkomen voor de rechten van anderen?  En wil je dat doen in een jong, dynamisch en bevlogen team met

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12 december 2019

Şerife Ceren Uysal: working towards change for Turkey

“You can keep one generation in jail. But not the next one” Text: Johan van Uffelen Photo: Peter Beijen Turkish lawyer Şerife Ceren Uysal was invited to the Netherlands by Lawyers for Lawyers for International Human Rights Day on 10

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10 december 2019

#FreeTheLawyers: stuur een kaart aan een collega in de gevangenis!

  Steeds meer advocaten worden wegens hun werk veroordeeld tot lange gevangenisstraffen. Stuur een groetenkaartje aan een collega in de gevangenis! Op 10 december 2019 heeft Lawyers for Lawyers de #FreeTheLawyers campagne gelanceerd. De campagne bestaat uit een reeks activiteiten,

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10 december 2019

Lawyers for Lawyers has launched the #FreeTheLawyers Campaign

Around the world, lawyers are harassed, threatened or attacked for simply doing their job. It depends on the political reality and the factual circumstances what instruments are used to silence lawyers or prevent them from representing certain clients. Lawyers increasingly

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9 december 2019

Joint open letter to Chinese authorities


In a joint open letter to the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China and the All China Lawyers Association, Lawyers for Lawyers together with several other organisations expressed concern about the deteriorating situation of human rights lawyers

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6 december 2019

Prison sentence Yorov shortened by six years


On 26 November 2019 the 28-year prison sentence of jailed Tajik lawyer Buzurgmehr Yorov was shortened by six years. This was part of a recent mass amnesty in Tajikistan, as reported by Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.  Yorov is one

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