About our work

In order to achieve our mission, vision and goals, we offer individual and structural support to lawyers and lawyers' organizations through three programs: Defend, Empower and Influence. In addition, we try to create awareness among lawyers and other stakeholders about the important role that lawyers play in the protection of the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Trial monitoring

When lawyers are prosecuted in connection with their professional activities, Lawyers for Lawyers can observe hearings in the trials against them. In this trial monitoring missions we observe and collect information about court sessions and procedures to determine whether they meet the standards for a fair trial. After attending sessions we publish a report with recommendations aimed at improving the functioning of the legal system of a country. We then lobby for implementation and follow-up of the recommendations in the report.

Lawyers for Lawyers attended hearings in cases against lawyers in Kazakhstan, Syria and Turkey.

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Letter writing campaigns

We regularly support lawyers by writing letters to the authorities of the country where the lawyer is located. In order to increase the effect of our writing activities, we generally try to align these with writing actions of international human rights organizations. The effect of our writing activities is further increased when individual lawyers write letters in large numbers.

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Fact finding missions

Reports of missions in which independent experts present their findings about the information they have gathered and the research they have done into the facts about a particular situation or conflict, are valuable sources of information for the United Nations and other state institutions and organizations to be able to act.

Lawyers for Lawyers went on fact-finding missions to, among others, the Philippines and Colombia.

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Need assessment missions

In order to analyze why lawyers are the subject of reprisals, to provide support that meets the needs of lawyers and to identify the most effective ways to achieve tangible results and sustained progress, Lawyers for Lawyers conducts need assessment missions.

Lawyers for Lawyers undertook a need assessment mission to Kyrgyzstan in June 2018.