Juan Carlos Flores Solís

Juan Carlos Flores Solís


Mexico has one of the highest incidence rates of threats and violence committed against human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers in the world. Juan Carlos Flores Solís, in his capacity as an environmental lawyer, has faced threats and been the victim of numerous (attempted) attacks against him and his property.

Mr. Flores Solis has been involved in environmental activism for almost two decades. When he realised that to pursue his cause, legal action was needed, he enrolled in an open university and started his law degree. In 2014, Mr. Flores Solís was wrongfully incarcerated for ten months on charges of extortion, rioting, dispossession and attempting to damage hydraulic infrastructure. While in jail he finished his degree and in 2015, after his release, he started practising. “The most important thing and what carries the most weight is community organising and the defence (of rights) that the community carries out. The legal fight helps to strengthen this defence”.

Juan Carlos Flores Solís: “One of our main goals is to ensure the respect for the right to life, the right to self-determination of indigenous people and the right to decide over what happens in their lands” – Lawyers for Lawyers

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