Marco Emanuel Chung Ramos

Marco Emanuel Chung Ramos


Marco Emanuel Chung Ramos is a lawyer specialising in human rights and criminal law who – on top of that – has made a career out of his environmental activism in Peru. Mr. Marco Chung characterises his home country as ‘the Disneyland of socio-environmental conflicts’ referring to the highly capitalistic socio-economic and political history.

Mr. Marco Chung co-founded Aklla PachaAklla Pacha is a non-profit organisation dedicated to accompanying collective organisational processes and defending human rights within the Peruvian framework of Buen Vivir from an integral vision, since 2017.


Att. Marco Emanuel Chung Ramos: “It is not just the protection of the environment; it is a protection of what is ours and of who we are” – Lawyers for Lawyers

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