Nazeli Vardanyan

Nazeli Vardanyan


The Armenian environmental lawyer, Nazeli Vardanyan, is admirable for her commitment to protecting Armenia’s environment. She is the founder and director of Armenian Forests Environmental NGO, which is committed to afforestation, reforestation, nature protection, engagement of community members in decision-making processes, protection of human rights, drafting environmental legislation and ecological education.

Furthermore, Ms. Vardanyan established a Public Environmental Court in which different environmental cases have been heard. Its decisions have been sent to the government, ministries, prosecutor office, investigation committee and the police. Due to its mineral wealth, Armenia is very attractive to the mining sector. However, there are significant environmental risks associated with this. Therefore, Ms. Vardanyan, in the last decades, has been engaged in combating the environmental impact of these mining projects, particularly the contested Amulsar gold mine nearby the city of Jermuk.

Interview Nazeli Vardanyan: “Nothing can stop me as an environmental lawyer, I will fight until justice is done. International solidarity and support will guarantee the safety of environmental lawyers around the world” – Lawyers for Lawyers

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