Detained Wang Yonghang’s birthday, in very bad health
16 February 2015

Detained Wang Yonghang’s birthday, in very bad health


Tuesday 17 February is lawyer Wang Yonghang’s 42nd birthday. Unfortunately there is little reason for joy. It will be his sixth birthday in a row in detention. Since July 2009 he is serving a seven-year prison sentence because of his representation of followers of the banned Falun Gong religion. For years, he has been in bad health and the authorities refuse him the necessary medical assistance, which worsens his situation even further. He is suffering from symptoms of tuberculosis, pneumonia, chest congestion and a buildup of fluid in tissues around his abdomen.

Next to that, prolonged torture in detention has caused a leg wound, which is permanently inflamed because it has never been treated well. By now, this has even caused symptoms of paralysis in his legs.

One day before his birthday, L4L called upon the Chinese authorities in a letter to release Wang Yonghang. The conviction of Wang Yonghang is based on his work as a lawyer and should be reversed. In any case, the authorities should, as soon as possible, offer him the medical care he so urgently needs. Furthermore, his family should be allowed to visit him.

Lawyers for Lawyers will continue to closely monitor Wang Yonghang’s situation.

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