Colombia L4L participates in second 'Caravana de Juristas'
2 September 2010

Colombia L4L participates in second ‘Caravana de Juristas’

Final declaration participants ‘Caravana 2010’

The Second Caravana Internacional de Juristas (International Caravan of Lawyers) met in Bogota, Colombia, from 23rd to 28th August 2010, following the first Caravana in 2008.

56 lawyers from 13 countries came to Bogota in solidarity with their Colombian colleagues. The Caravana met with authorities and members of various communities in 8 regions and 14 towns. We heard distressing evidence of persistent and serious violations of fundamental human rights (threats, harassment, assassination attempts and assassinations) against these communities and those who defend them. The Caravana returned to Bogota to analyse its findings and prepare recommendations.

The delegates also met with many senior officials, including the Vice President of the Republic.

The Caravana’s visit coincided with a recent change of government in Colombia and we have noted the specific assurances concerning human rights and justice made by the new President in his inaugural address. Similar assurances were also made by the officials we met.

The Caravana regrets that the situation for human rights defenders and the wider human rights situation in Colombia has deteriorated since 2008.

However, the Caravana is encouraged by the assurances we have received and it is our hope that matters will improve as a result. We are committed to continuing to monitor the situation and to playing an active part in making recommendations.

The Caravana will prepare a full report, which we hope to launch on Human Rights Day, 10th December 2010.

Bogota, 28th August 2010


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