Position of lawyers and activities of L4L

The position of lawyers is under pressure in Sudan. The case of Nabil Abid, a prominent human rights lawyer in Sudan, sets the example. The Security Office of Sudan, NISS, raided Nabil Abid in May 2016, when he advised a group of students about their possible suspension in connection with a student protest in which they participated.

Other Sudan lawyers have been threatened for participating in “the Sudan Call” in December 2014. This declaration by the Sudanese political and armed opposition forces in civil society organizations, calls for an end of war, dismantling the one-party state, peace and democracy. Sudanese lawyer Amin Makki Madani and Faruq Abu Eisa were present at the drafting of this declaration. Immediately after their return, they were arrested by NISS. In February 2015 their case was filed for the Anti-Terrorism Court in Khartoum. Due to international pressure (including a letter from L4L) both suspended lawyers were released in April 2015.

Several lawyers have fled from Sudan after being arrested and tortured by the Security Service or by NISS. L4L has asked for attention for Abdelrahman Gasmin. Abdelrahman Gasmin lives in Uganda now and stays committed to fight human rights violations in Sudan.

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