Call to restore confidence in judiciary
26 May 2015

Call to restore confidence in judiciary


The situation of Egyptian lawyers is quickly deteriorating. Lawyers are faced with arrests, prosecution and police violence that has even led to the deaths of two lawyers, while they were being held in police custody.

In their efforts to address the alarming ongoing erosion of the rule of law and people’s confidence in Egypt’s justice system, a group of individuals and organisations, including Lawyers for Lawyers, has reached out to Egyptian judges in a letter calling on them to join forces to restore national and international confidence in the Egyptian judiciary. Left unaddressed, the blatant manipulation of justice for political ends is likely to aggravate political and social tensions as well as the security situation in Egypt and the region.

On 12 May, Lawyers for Lawyers also called on the Egyptian authorities to end all kinds of harassment towards lawyers, and to guarantee lawyers can do their work without improper interference.

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