Funding and annual reports


As a foundation, Lawyers for Lawyers does not have any members. Lawyers for Lawyers is supported entirely by financial donations and in-kind support, mainly from individual lawyers, law firms, lawyers’ associations and other organizations related to the legal profession. We raise funds by cultivating relationships and partnerships in the legal sector and through third- party events. We sometimes also receive royalties from an author or composer for each copy of a legal book that has been sold or fees for a service that has been provided, such as a legal training.
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ANBI status

Lawyers for Lawyers has been recognized as a charity by the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF), i.e. “CBF-erkend goed doel”. Lawyers for Lawyers is also tax-exempted under Dutch law. It qualifies as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI status).

Annual reports

Please see our annual reports over 2014, 2015,  2016,  2017 and 2019 for further information about Lawyers for Lawyers’ activities.