As a foundation, Lawyers for Lawyers does not have any members. Lawyers for Lawyers is supported entirely by financial donations and in-kind support, mainly from individual lawyers, law firms, lawyers’ associations and other organizations related to the legal profession.

We raise funds by cultivating relationships and partnerships in the legal sector and through third- party events. We sometimes also receive royalties from an author or composer for each copy of a legal book that has been sold or fees for a service that has been provided, such as a legal training.

Lawyers for Lawyers’ staff members, board members and other volunteers work together in an inspiring, flexible and energetic environment that empowers collaboration and shared responsibility.

The reserves of Lawyer for Lawyers are at a level that is considered to be justified by the Herkströter Committee (Commission on Capital Standards for Charities), i.e. a continuity reserve of a maximum of one and a half times the annual turnover.

In the coming years, we will continue to expand and diversify our funding sources and in-kind support in order to safeguard our financial sustainability, be able to do long-term planning and reach our full potential. We also seek to expand and enhance our services to meet the increase in and complexity of the requests and demands on Lawyers for Lawyers from lawyers at risk.

Read more in our Policy Plan 2018-2021.