Harassment of Lawyer Reina Lilian Rodríguez
31 July 2015

Harassment of Lawyer Reina Lilian Rodríguez


Lawyer Reina Lilian Rodriguez and her team are the subject of acts of intimidation and harassment. Frontline Defenders reports this on their website.

Reina Lilian Rodriguez is a lawyer and Southern Regional Delegate of the Commissión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos – CONADEH (National Human Rights Commission).

On 30 June 2015, an unknown person was seen taking pictures of the cars, the building and the persons who were standing outside the offices of the National Human Rights Commission. Furthermore, their official car had been vandalised. Later that evening, Reina Lilian Rodríguez observed that a taxi driver stopped in front of her home residence, began taking pictures of her house and remained there for half an hour. The lawyer immediately reported the incident to the national police, providing them with the registration number of the taxi and the vehicle’s plate.

The threats are linked to an investigation Reina Lilian Rodriguez and her team are carrying out into the killing of Mr Héctor Orlando Martínez Motiño. On 17 June 2015, Héctor Orlando Martínez Motiño was shot twelve times and killed by unidentified persons as he was driving home. Martínez Motiño was at the time defending the case of a student who had been a victim of sexual harassment by a teacher.

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