We advocate for laws, policies and practices that ensure protection for the independence and safety of lawyers


We advocate for a free and independent legal profession. You will find us regularly presenting at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, as well as actively seeking audiences with representatives of individual governments. In the Netherlands, we organise meetings for Dutch lawyers to make them aware of the difficulties being faced by their colleagues.

We advocate for laws, policies and practices that provide or reinforce effective protections for the independent functioning and safety of lawyers in accordance with internationally recognized laws and standards.

We’ll do so by:

  • Engaging with international bodies and their mechanisms to advocate for standards, resolutions and recommendations that strengthen the independence and safety of lawyers.
  • Lobbying governments to adopt, implement and enforce effective legal protections and change laws as necessary that encroach on the independence of lawyers.

Consultative status

Lawyers for Lawyers has been granted the special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council, also known as the ECOSOC status. The status gives us the right to participate in meetings of the Council, its functional commissions and other subsidiary bodies.

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Fact finding missions

Reports of missions in which independent experts present their findings about the information they have gathered and the research they have done into the facts about a particular situation or conflict, are valuable sources of information for the United Nations and other state institutions and organizations to be able to act.

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Influence news