International Fair Trial Day 2023 and call for nominations for the Ebru Timtik Award
12 February 2024

International Fair Trial Day 2023 and call for nominations for the Ebru Timtik Award

The right to a fair trial has long been recognised by the international community as a fundamental human right. Without a fair trial, every individual risks becoming the victim of a miscarriage of justice, either as an innocent suspect wrongly convicted, or as a victim unable to secure justice for a wrong perpetrated against him or her.

In observance of the International Fair Trial Day on June 14th, Lawyers for Lawyers along with the IFTD Steering Group, is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 4th edition of the Ebru Timtik Fair Trial Award. 

Established in 2021, the Ebru Timtik Award commemorates the legacy of Ebru Timtik, a dedicated Human Rights defender and lawyer who lost her life on August 27, 2020 following a 238-day hunger strike protesting systemic violations of fair trial rights in Turkey. This award, granted annually on June 14th by an impartial jury, honours individual(s) or organisation(s) who have significantly contributed to the defence and promotion of the right to a fair trial in the designated focus country of the year. Each year, the Steering Group selects a country where fair trial rights are being systematically violated and coordinates events and activities, including the Ebru Timtik Award, to raise awareness on the situation and highlight the work done by lawyers and defenders on the ground. Following careful deliberation, the 2024 focus country is the Philippines (for further details on this decision read here). 

As of today, the IFTD Steering Group invites for individual(s) or an organisation who/which demonstrated outstanding commitment and sacrifice in upholding fundamental values related to the right to a fair trial in the Philippines. The individual(s) or organisation nominated for the award must be, or have been, active in defending and or promoting the right to a fair trial in the Philippines through either a recent outstanding piece of work in relation to this fundamental right or their distinguished long-term involvement in fair trial issues.

The deadline for such nominations is 1 May 2024. Please send sour nominations, in English, to to

For further details on award criteria and the selection process, please refer to the “Selection Criteria for the Grant of the Ebru Timtik Fair Trial Award.”

If you wish to learn more about the IFTD, and the Ebru Timtik Award click here.

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