Alba Cruz Ramos

Alba Cruz Ramos


Alba Cruz Ramos is a member of the ‘Comité 25 de Noviembre’, which fights to improve the situation of political prisoners, human rights activists and civilians held without legitimate grounds. Many political prisoners have been released because of her work.

In a case initiated by Alba and her colleagues, the Mexican Supreme Court held that the governor of Oaxaca and eight others were to be held responsible for the torturing of political prisoners. However, no prosecution was initiated. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has ordered the Mexican government to provide for protective measures, but it has so far failed to do so.

In May 2010 L4L spoke to Alba Cruz. She indicated that the threats seriously impede her work.

On 11 January 2011 Alba Cruz Ramos again received threats because of her work as a lawyer for torture victims in prisons and of people involved in the large uprising in Oaxaca in 2006.

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