Alec Muchadehama

Alec Muchadehama


Alec Muchadehama has been a member of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) in Harare since 2003, where he works defending human rights in Zimbabwe. He has defended hundreds of human rights activists, members of the opposition and civilians, often successfully. He also travels across his home country to track down activists who have disappeared and to be present when arrests are made to gather information about the situation and to assist the victims.

Muchadehama is constantly threatened by the Mugabe regime. He has been followed, physically threatened, arrested and prosecuted and had to go into hiding in an embassy, after having escaped an attempted kidnapping.

In June 2009 he was prosecuted for having cooperated with the ‘illegal release’ of journalist Andrison Manyere and two members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the largest opposition party, which was founded in 1999. It is suspected that his prosecution was also related to his representation of a number of MDC members and human rights activists who were suspected of attempting to undermine the authority of President Mugabe. Muchadehama was acquitted by the end of 2009.

Muchadehama received a number of local awards and is the first recipient of the Lawyers for Lawyers Award, in 2011.

Despite the departure of his colleague Andrew Makoni because of the serious deterioration in the position of lawyers and activists in Zimbabwe, Alec Muchadehama relentlessly continues his work in Harare.

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