Gary Pahaniaila

Gary Pahaniaila


Hary Pahaniaila graduated from the Law Department of the Belarusian State University in 1969. After that he has had several law related professions. He worked as a lawyer in 1970-1971, where after he became a People’s Judge of the Bykhau District of the Mahileu Region (1971-1976). He also worked in the machinery of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in the positions of leading specialist of the Department of Judicial Bodies (1976-1978) and  head of the Bar Division (1978-1988)

Pahaniaila was President of the Union of Lawyers of Belarus (1991-1993), and member of Interregional Bar of the Guild of Lawyers of the Russian Federation (1998-2003). Pahaniaila defended some political important persons, who are assumed to be liquidated: ex-minister of Defense, the vice-president of the parliament  Viktor Gonchar, businessman Anatolu Krasovski and cameraman Dmitri Zavadski.

Currently, Pahaniaila is the Chairman of the Legal Commission of the Belarus Helsinki Committee (BHC), that is defending human rights in Belarus already since 1995. The BHC exposes human rights violations, provides legal assistance to the individuals (annually BHC receives about 2000 complaints), regularly holds human rights seminars and educating training courses for youth activists and lawyers, publishes human rights literature, organizes various events, aiming to draw public attention to the issues of human rights violations in the Republic of Belarus.

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