Jorge Eliecer Molano Rodriguez

Jorge Eliecer Molano Rodriguez


Jorge Eliecer Molano Rodriguez provides legal assistance to various human rights organizations. He assists victims and relatives in various cases, such as the disappearance of 11 people after the hostage drama at the Palace of Justice in Bogota on 6 and 7 November 1985, and the killing on 21 February 2005 of several members (including minors) of the Comunidad de Paz of San José de Apartado, a group of villagers who have sworn not to become involved in the conflict in Colombia.

The lawyer also provides legal support to persons in cases where organizations and human rights defenders are spied upon by national intelligence agencies, and in cases concerning extrajudicial executions.

Early in December 2009 people dressed as civilians tried to enter Molano’s house. His cell phone had been tapped for some time (most likely by the national security agency). Also, his office was watched by various people, his wife was followed and he received threats via the internet. One of those threats was as follows: “We want to make clear that if anything happens to us or our relatives, we hold the judge and her assistant the lawyer Jorge Molano accountable, may our blood pour on them”.

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1 May 2015 Lawyers for Lawyers Award for Jorge Molano!
5 January 2010 Colombia Lawyer Jorge Molano victim of threat and intimidation

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