Mahienour el-Massry

Mahienour el-Massry


Lawyer Mahinour el-Massry is known by most political activists, and has always been outspoken as to the rights of detainees and political prisoners, with a history of activism in many labor movements, and on behalf of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Egypt.

On 31 May 2015 the Court of Appeal in Raml sentenced Ms. Mahienour El-Massry, along with nine other activists, to one year and three months imprisonment on charges of, amongst others, “assaulting security forces”. She had been in preventive detention since the first appeal hearing on 11 May 2015.

In February 2015 El-Massry was sentenced to two years imprisonment on charges of “assaulting security forces” after, in March 2013, she and other lawyers went to Raml police station to provide legal assistance to three activists who were arrested and sent to the police by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (the “Raml police station” case). The lawyers were attacked by the police in the police station, and Ms. El-Massry was detained briefly before the Prosecution decided to release her and the others. Ms. Mahienour El-Massry was not detained after the issuance of the verdict, as she paid bail (approximately EUR 580) pending appeal.

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2 January 2018 Mahienour El-Massry sentenced to two years in prison
6 December 2017 Human rights lawyer Mahienour El Massry arrested
23 August 2016 Mahienour el-Massry released

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