Razan Zeitouneh

Razan Zeitouneh


The young Razan Zeitouneh mostly represents political prisoners. Before the crisis in Syria erupted in the spring of 2011 she could do her work in a relatively calm environment. When the authorities started to arrest more and more people, Razan too, feared being arrested. Since the start of the uprising, the security forces have been harassing her continuously. On 30 April 2011, the security agencies searched for Razan but could not find her; after that they tried to arrest her husband (Wa’il al-Hamada). When he escaped, his younger brother (Abdel Rahman al-Hamada) was arrested in his place.

On 12 May 2011, the security forces searched the home of Razan Zeitouneh. Again, they couldn’t find her, but this time they did arrest her husband. It is possible that the brothers were arrested to force Razan to surrender to the authorities. Razan’s parents too have been forced to go into hiding to avoid arrest.

News aboutRazan Zeitouneh

9 December 2020 Seven years since disappearance Razan Zaitouneh
9 December 2017 Razan Zaitouneh missing for four years
9 December 2016 Razan Zaitouneh missing for three years
28 April 2015 Renewed call for release of ‘Duma Four’ on birthday of Razan Zaitouneh

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