Pakistan Dutch Human Rights Platform congratulates Pakistani Lawyer's Movement
27 April 2009

Pakistan Dutch Human Rights Platform congratulates Pakistani Lawyer’s Movement

The Dutch Human Rights Platform Pakistan, of which L4L is a member, issued a press release in which it congratulates the Pakistani Lawyer’s Movement with the reversal of the redundancy of Iftikhar Chaudry as President of the Pakistan Supreme Court, and with the appointing of other Pakistan judges on the positions they held before 3 November 2007. On this date, former President of Pakistan Musharraf declared the state of emergency, forcing many judges to resign. According to the press release, the success ows to “the leaders and all members of the Lawyer’s Movement, many courageous judges, including Chief Justice Chaudry himself and millions of people in the country who chose to place their national interest first and make a sacrifice to preserve the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.”

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