6 June 2023

Statement on the Situation of Venezuelan Human Rights Lawyer Venus Faddoul

Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) remains deeply concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Venezuela. Venezuelan lawyers continue to be persecuted by various means such as threats, harassment, prosecution, and surveillance simply for performing their professional duties. The threats and

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5 June 2023

Statement on the Conviction of Human Rights Laywer Vladimir Prokhorov

Vladimir Prokhorov, a Russian human rights lawyer known for defending Putin’s opponents, has fled the Russian Federation in May 2023 after being threatened in the courtroom. Mr Prokhorov had publicly made statements about the closed trial of his friend and

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5 June 2023

Vacancy student-internship

On average 8 hours/wk, from 4 September 2023 Do you want to make a difference for endangered lawyers standing up for the rights of others? Do you want to learn how an NGO works and build a network with lawyers

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2 June 2023

Submission to UN Human Rights Committee – Republic of Uganda

During its 138th session, from 26 June to 28 July 2023, the Human Rights Committee will consider the 2th periodic report submitted by the Republic of Uganda and adopt concluding observations that will assist Uganda in the implementation of the

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1 June 2023

International Fair Trial Day Event on 14 June 2023


Lawyers for Lawyers is happy to share the program for the event on 14 June 2023 for the third International Fair Trial Day. The focus country of this year’s International Fair Trial Day is Mexico. Time: 10:00 – 18:00 CST

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26 May 2023

Lawyers’ Day in Tajikistan


Today is “Lawyers’ Day” in Tajikistan, when lawyers celebrate the establishment of the first Bar Association.The situation of lawyers in Tajikistan remains concerning and, on what should be a day of celebration, Lawyers for Lawyers would like to pay attention

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26 May 2023

Statement on the conviction of Human Rights Lawyer Mikhail Benyash

Russian Federation

Mikhail Benyash is a human rights and defence lawyer working in the Krasnodar region in Russia. Mikhail has advised protesters for over a decade and most recently he represented anti-war protesters and soldiers who do not want to fight in

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25 May 2023

Concerns over detention of lawyers, journalists, politicians, and artists in Türkiye


It has been exactly one month since the Turkish police carried out raids across 21 provinces in the country, resulting in the detention of numerous lawyers, journalists, politicians, and artists. Lawyers for Lawyers continues to be concerned over this matter.

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23 May 2023

the Netherlands

The Netherlands score high on the Rule of Law Index, but here, too, lawyers face threats and intimidation. Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) pointed out the deterioration in the Netherlands in a UPR report last year. For L4L, journalist Jochem Meijer

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22 May 2023

Statement on the situation of the Belarusian Human Rights Lawyers Alexander Danilevich, Vitaly Braginets en Anastasia Lazarenko


Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) continues to be deeply concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus. Since the 2020 elections, Belarusian lawyers have been persecuted by various means such as disbarment, detention, and prosecution simply for performing their professional

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15 May 2023

Jaarverslag Lawyers for Lawyers 2022

In 2022 voerden wij actie voor 198 advocaten in 38 landen en organiseerden we vele activiteiten. Onder veel meer startten wij een campagne voor milieurechtadvocaten, die juist in tijden van klimaatverandering wereldwijd veel problemen ondervinden vanwege hun werk. We gingen

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10 May 2023

Letter on ongoing trial Hejaaz Hizbullah


On 8 May 2023, Lawyers for Lawyers has sent a letter to the Attorney General of Sri Lanka to express our concern about the ongoing trial of lawyer and human rights defender Hejaaz Hizbullah. Hejaaz Hizbullah is a minority rights

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