UN HRC Resolution on Philippines
11 July 2019

UN HRC Resolution on Philippines


Lawyers for Lawyers welcomes the resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council on 11 July on the situation of human rights in the Philippines. The resolution expresses concern on reported human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, and urges the Philippine government to carry out an independent investigation into those killings and refrain from any acts of intimidation or retaliation.

The resolution, initiated by Iceland, expresses concern at the allegations of human rights violation in the Philippines, ‘particularly those involving killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrest and detention, the intimidation and persecution of or violence against members of civil society, human rights defenders, indigenous peoples, journalists, lawyers, and members of the political opposition’. It requests the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to provide a detailed report on the situation of human rights in the Philippines, and to present it to the Council at its 44th session. It also calls upon the government to cooperate with the OHCHR and the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council, by facilitating country visits and preventing and refraining from all acts of intimidation or retaliation. Furthermore, the said resolution urges the Philippine government to take all necessary measures to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, to carry out impartial investigations and to hold perpetrators accountable, in accordance with international norms and standards, including on due process and the rule of law. The resolution passed with 18 votes in favour, 14 against and 15 abstentions.

Lawyers for Lawyers is worried about the sharp deterioration of the human rights situation in the Philippines and has repeatedly expressed concerns about the increasing attacks against lawyers, including the practice labelling lawyers and lawyers’ groups as enemies of the State.

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