Sri Lanka Letter for Lakshan Dias
15 April 2013

Sri Lanka Letter for Lakshan Dias

On 26 February 2013, human rights lawyer Lakshan Dias from Sri Lanka received a number of anonymous threatening phone calls. The day before the phonecalls he was already followed by a white van. On this incident, Dias lodged a formal complaint with the Moratuwa Police, Colombo district, on 25 February 2013. These incidents follow a series of previous acts of surveillance and threats faced by the lawyer during recent months.

Lakshan Dias is a human rights lawyer that has represented clients in a number of high-profile cases concerning amongst other things alleged torture, deportation and immigration. Furthermore, Dias has been active in opposing the impeachment of the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court in January. Several other lawyers have received death threats for engaging in protests advocating independence of the judiciary.  Dias’ colleagues are concerned that he is in danger of enforced disappearance and physical violence.

L4L wrote a letter to the Sri Lankan authorities to call upon them to investigate the reported surveillance and intimidation of Lakshan Dias. Click here to download the letter that was sent. 

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