Turkey 22 lawyers 500 days in pre-trial detention
29 March 2013

Turkey 22 lawyers 500 days in pre-trial detention

Last week, 22 lawyers of the 46 that were arrested in November 2011 in connection to the ‘KCK-case’, were in custody for 500 days. To mark these 500 days of pre-trial detention and draw attention to the next hearing in the trial on 28 March, L4L, together with a large coalition of other organizations, published an advertisement on the ‘lawyers-trial’ in the Turkish newspaper Radikal on 23 March.

To draw even more attention to the trial and the ongoing pre-trial detention of the lawyers, international observers will offered a petition today, 29 March, to the Turkish authorities on behalf of a large group of international (lawyers’) organizations. This was done on the initiative of L4L. In the petition, the organizations express their concerns about the increasing repression of lawyers.

The hearing in the ‘lawyers-trial’  that was held in Silivri on 28 March, was again monitored by L4L, together with many other organizations. Four lawyers were released from pre-trial detention by the judge.

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