Turkey L4L monitors trial session Filiz Kalayci
17 October 2012

Turkey L4L monitors trial session Filiz Kalayci

On 11 October 2012 another hearing took place in Ankara in the trial against Filiz Kalayci. L4L was present to monitor the hearing.

Filiz Kalayci worked mostly on human rights issues. Throughout the 13 years she worked as a lawyer in Turkey, Kalayci has been tried, threatened and imprisoned. On May 12, 2009 Filiz Kalayci was, together with three colleagues, arrested by the Ankara Anti-Terror Branch. Kalayci and her colleagues are accused of being members of a terrorist organisation. After being held in pre-trial detention for 8 months, Kalayci was released from prison, after national and international organisations campaigned for her release. Filiz Kalayci is currently residing in Austria with family.

Despite her absence, her trial continues. To keep international pressure on the authorities, L4L already monitored two earlier hearings in February and March 2012.

Also on 11 October, the co-accused of Kalayci requested to postpone the hearing. The next hearing is scheduled on 22 November 2012. It is not yet known whether the judge will present his final decision on that date. L4L is monitoring the situation closely and is deliberating on the actions to be taken to uphold the international pressure on Turkey.

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