Human rights lawyer Hani Hussain imprisoned
27 februari 2020

Human rights lawyer Hani Hussain imprisoned


On 19 February 2020, the Kuwaiti security forces arrested Kuwaiti human rights lawyer Hani Hussain. Consequently, the Public Prosecution ordered imprisonment for 21 days. This was reported by the Gulf Centre of Human Rights (GCHR).

The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of Hussain for 21 days, pending investigation, and he was placed in the Central Prison. Local sources said that two cases are being investigated, the first linked to broadcasting news about the area separating Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the second allegedly violating the law of national unity.

Hani Hussain is a Kuwaiti human rights lawyer who especially has made great achievements in the defence of the Bedoon community case. He uses his Twitter account to express his perspectives peacefully and to defend the civil and human rights of all the citizens in Kuwait.

There is a widespread belief that the arrest of Hani Hussain is connected to this Twitter account. On this account he criticizes the way in which the proposals for a comprehensive amnesty law were discussed by the National Assembly on 18 February 2020 – all law proposal were rejected.

Hani Hussain is facing charges of ‘broadcasting news about the area separating Saudi Arabia and Kuwait’ and allegedly ‘violating the law of national unity’. At the moment he is in captivity in the Central Prison for 21 days, pending the investigation of the two cases.

Lawyers for Lawyers expresses its concern of the arrest and imprisonment of Hani Hussain. His detention and the charges that he is facing seem to be connected to his legitimate activities as a human rights lawyer.