Joint statement calling an end to the ongoing persecution and threats against Mexican lawyer Juan Carlos Flores Solís
6 februari 2023

Joint statement calling an end to the ongoing persecution and threats against Mexican lawyer Juan Carlos Flores Solís


Lawyers for Lawyers, joined by the Observatoire International des Avocats en Danger (OIAD), is expressing its deep concern about the harassment faced by Mr. Juan Carlos Flores Solís.

Mr. Flores Solís is the primary defense lawyer in the cases brought against the project “Proyecto Integral Morelos” (PIM), an energy and hydro-extractivist megaproject which raises severe environmental concerns for over 80 communities within Mexico.

Mr. Flores Solís’ work has become essential for the protection of human rights, indigenous rights, environmental rights and the general upholding of the rule of law.

Due to his work, Mr. Flores Solís has experienced several instances of persecution and threats, such as continuous countersuits on procedural matters, meritless criminal complaints, and criminal attacks against his person and property. The environmental rights lawyer was the victim of an assassination attempt, and his house was raided on three separate occasions.

Although Mr. Flores Solís is currently the beneficiary of the Mexican Protection Mechanism (PIM), the footage of the cameras that were installed around his property for his protection have been seized and deleted by government employees.

The organisations call on the Mexican authorities to:

  • Ensure that the Protection Mechanism works effectively in offering measures to Mr. Flores Solis to improve security around his person and enable him to work without fear for his life.
  • Ensure that the Judicial parties hearing complaints made against Mr. Flores Solis in relation to his work as legal counsel take this role into account and consider the vested interest of those accusing him in doing so.
  • Ensure the participation of Mr. Flores Solis in the expert proceedings regarding the PIM. Lawyers for Lawyers expressly requests the Federal Judicial Council to enact impartial justice and to guarantee the unhindered continuation of the work done by Mr. Flores Solís in his capacity as a lawyer in the cases brought against the PIM.
  • Ensure that all lawyers in Mexico are able to represent their clients without intimidation, hindrance, harassment or improper interference and without threats of prosecution or administrative sanctions for any actions they take in accordance with internationally recognized professional duties, standards and ethics.

The full statement can be found here.

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