Joint UPR submission Myanmar
22 juli 2020

Joint UPR submission Myanmar


In July, Lawyers for Lawyers together with Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada submitted a report for the Universal Periodic Review of Myanmar. The review will take place in January/February 2021.

In the report, Lawyers for Lawyers and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada highlight that Myanmar has not consistently upheld the necessary guarantees for the proper functioning of the legal profession to fulfil the requirements set out in the Basic Principles. Consequently, lawyers encounter difficulties in carrying out their professional duties. This also undermines the proper functioning of the judicial system, including the right to fair trial and effective access to justice.

Reliable information indicates that lawyers in Myanmar have been subjected to improper interference and harassment by members of the law enforcement agencies and investigative bodies and others. They have also been subjected to threats including death threats, surveillance, and physical attacks, on one occasion leading to the death of a lawyer.

Lawyers for Lawyers and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada have made multiple recommendations to the government of Myanmar.


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