Online conference
14 december 2020

Online conference “Protection of Attorneys’ Rights: Russian Specificity”

On 19 December 2020, the online media project Voice of Attorney is organizing an international online conference on problems faced by Russian attorneys at law who have been persecuted for their professional activities in 2019 and 2020. The event is being supported by Lawyers for Lawyers, the Committee for the Bar Protection, and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

During the conference the case stories of various prosecuted attornies including Dagir Khasavov, Natalia Faradzheva, Pavel Ivlev, and Irina Danilova will be shared.

Sergey Kupreichenko


  • Aleksey Avanesyan: Attorney at Law, Krasnodar Territory Bar Chamber; lead of the “Pravo-45” pro bono project. Defending attorney for Natalya Faradzheva
  • Sergei Kupreichenko: Attorney at Law, Moscow Bar Chamber. Defending attorney for Pavel Ivlev;
  • Anna Perelygina: Attorney at Law, Bar Chamber of Leningrad region. Defending attorney for Irina Danilova;
  • Nikolay Polyansky: Attorney at Law, Bar Chamber of Leningrad region Defending attorney for Irina Danilova;
  • Aleksandr Popkov: Attorney at Law, Bar Chamber of Krasnodar region. Agora expert.
  • Konstantin Rivkin: Council Member, Moscow Bar Chamber; Co-Chair Prague Club of Russian lawyers;
  • Gayana Tevanyan: Attorney at Law, Moscow Region Bar Chamber; member of the Moscow Bar Association “Zaschita pravom” (“Defense by the Law”). Defending Attorney for Dagir Khasavov;
  • Andrey Fedorkov: Attorney at Law, Member of the Commission on Human Rights of the Council of the Bar Chamber of St. Petersburg;
  • Temur Shakirov: Senior Legal Adviser, Europe and Central Asia Programme, International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

Technical details:

Date and time: 19 December 2020, 13:00 – 16:30 (MSK)

For registration and the detailed programme, please visit: 

The event will be held at Zoom. The link and the technical details will be shared with the confirmed participants. Simultaneous translation will be available between Russian and English.

Open Tribune: We invite you to take part not only as a listener but possibly as an expert, too. Our Open Tribune is a chance for a participant to voice their own position, to speak on an acute situation with abuse of an attorney’s’ rights, and to discuss it with the event speakers. To take part in this section, please fill the registration form, mentioning that you would like to take part in the Open Tribune and on what subject.


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