PEN Norway and Lawyers for Lawyers event
3 oktober 2022

PEN Norway and Lawyers for Lawyers event


Defending the rule of law in Turkey

PEN Norway Turkey Indictment Project

Law Hub, Thursday 3 November, 2022 (16.00 to 17.30 CET)

Nieuwe Achtergracht 164, Amsterdam


Two top human rights lawyers from Turkey, Veysel Ok and Ümit Büyükdağ, will discuss the ongoing crisis in the rule of law in Turkey as well as their recent indictments, as studied by legal experts from Lawyers for Lawyers.

Caroline Stockford, director of PEN Norway’s Indictment Project, will discuss the impact of such indictments on freedom of expression, judicial practice in Turkey, freedom of expression in courtrooms and the scope of the right to defence.

The panel is chaired by leading lawyer Ceren Uysal who supervised the writing of the indictment reports that led to a change in Turkey’s Procedural Code in 2021.



Welcome by Irma van den Berg, President of Lawyers for Lawyers

Introduction by Froukje Santing, PEN Netherlands


  • Caroline Stocford, PEN Norway Turkey Adviser
  • Ümit Büyükdağ, Lawyer and Secretary General of the Progressive Lawyers’ Association
  • Veysel Ok, Lawyer and co-founder of Media and Law Studies Association
  • Moderator: Ceren Uysal, PEN Norway Legal Advisor on Turkey

The 2020 and 2021 Turkey Indictment Project Reports can be accessed here:

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