Risks of impunity: hearing in Tahir Elçi case on 6 March
5 maart 2024

Risks of impunity: hearing in Tahir Elçi case on 6 March


Lawyers for Lawyers expresses deep concern regarding the upcoming trial of the late human rights advocate Tahir Elçi, highlighting Turkey’s failure to ensure fair proceedings and the consequent risk of impunity.

Mr. Elçi, a prominent Kurdish lawyer, was assassinated in 2015, and despite the passage of time, justice remains elusive. The delayed investigation, marred by procedural irregularities and potential conflicts of interest, exacerbates doubts about the trial’s fairness.

The trial itself has been fraught with setbacks, including the court’s reluctance to call key witnesses and its dismissal of crucial evidence, such as tampered CCTV footage. This pattern raises serious questions about the judiciary’s impartiality, especially within Türkiye’s current political climate, characterized by the erosion of the rule of law.

Lawyers for Lawyers underscores the broader implications of such injustices, pointing to the chilling effect on legal professionals and the erosion of the right to a fair trial. Türkiye’s crackdown on lawyers, with hundreds prosecuted under vague charges of terrorism, threatens the very foundation of justice and undermines lawyers’ ability to defend human rights.

In light of these concerns, Lawyers for Lawyers calls on Turkish authorities to ensure that the trial adheres to international standards of fairness and transparency. Justice for Tahir Elçi is not only a matter of accountability but also a litmus test for Türkiye’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights.

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