Submission to Human Rights Committee - Sudan
30 september 2018

Submission to Human Rights Committee – Sudan


In October 2017, the UN Human Rights Committee will review Sudan’s compliance with its international human rights obligations, and more in particular the implementation of the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by Sudan. Lawyers for Lawyers submitted a submission for this review, to inform the Committee about the situation of lawyers in Sudan.

The position of lawyers in Sudan continues to be highly alarming and threatening. Lawyers who are critical of the government are hindered in their work and subject to threats, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and detentions by the governmental authorities, particularly by the National Intelligence and Security Service (“theNISS”). Lawyers for Lawyers received reports of several lawyers being arrested and detained in relation to peaceful demonstrations.17 The situation has forced several prominent human rights lawyers to take safety measures.

Sudanese lawyers have qualified the 2010 National Securities Act as the legal tool of the government for the ongoing arbitrary arrests, detentions and torture of – amongst others – lawyers, committed by the NISS. The Act also provides a justification for the excessive powers of the NISS.

Read the full submission here.

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