Third quarterly update: #FreeTheLawyers Campaign
26 oktober 2020

Third quarterly update: #FreeTheLawyers Campaign

Ever since the launch of the campaign, Lawyers for Lawyers has undertaken various actions in the frame of the #FreeTheLawyers Campaign. Lawyers for Lawyers would like to keep you informed about these actions by giving you a quarterly update about all the activities that we have undertaken from mid-July to October 2020. The recap can be found by clicking here.

In order to provide protective publicity and support to lawyers who are serving long prison sentences, Lawyers for Lawyers has launched the worldwide two-year long #FreeTheLawyers Campaign on 10 December 2019. The campaign consists of a series of activities, including interventions, social media campaigns, individual petitions and submissions as well as advocacy on targeted cases from different parts of the world.

With our campaign we bring awareness, build support, and inspire action on behalf of lawyers imprisoned for their work. We have highlighted the following lawyers in our campaign: Mahienour El-Massry from Egypt, Li Yuhan and Yu Wensheng from China, Selçuk Kozağaçlı from Turkey, Nasrin Sotoudeh from Iran, and Buzurgmehr Yorov from Tajikistan.

Would like to know how you can support the lawyers from our campaign? Please click here!

See the links to our #FreeTheLawyers campaign posts below and click here for our recap.




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