Training and twinning

We connect lawyers with their peers in the Netherlands, and further support our colleagues worldwide by sharing knowledge and expertise, including providing training on international law mechanisms.


Lawyers for Lawyers can provide interactive training sessions and resource materials on international human rights law and international, including regional, mechanisms for the protection of human rights. Over the years, Lawyers for Lawyers has gathered expertise in the abovementioned fields and sees that there is a big need for lawyers to be trained on mechanisms for the protection of human rights. It is our aim to present lawyers with practical tools and methods that they can apply in their work.

In April 2019, Lawyers for Lawyers was invited by the Institute for Law and Public Policy (ILLP) in Moscow to give a training course on effective advocacy at the United Nations human rights mechanisms. According to Olga Podoplelova, senior laywer at the ILLP: “The training was extremely intensive, and the Lawyers for Lawyers representatives did an outstanding job covering all the specific practical questions of working with the UN. We received positive feedback from the participants, and expect them to apply the skills they have acquired during the training in their work.”

Would you like to receive more information about the trainings that we organize or would like to know if we could organize a training for you and your colleagues? Please contact us via for more information.


With our twinning projects, we connect lawyers from the Netherlands with their colleagues at risk from abroad. Twinning relates to creating new networks locally, regionally and internationally. Lawyers for Lawyers aims to enable meaningful and frequent online interactions focused on solidarity, building trust and sharing experiences.

Lawyers for Lawyers identifies the needs and interests of participating lawyers when it comes to their security and knowledge. Consequently, the lawyers are linked to contacts that could provide the lawyers adequate support, tools or knowledge to further consolidate their important work as lawyers.

Previously, Lawyers for Lawyers provided support to lawyers in the Democratic Republic of Congo who frequently encountered obstacles and threats during the execution of their work. More information about this twinning effort can read in our Kinshasha blog.

Looking for a helpful resource? The Toolkit on Lawyers at Risk is a unique tool aimed at facilitating the efforts of those seeking to protect lawyers at risk – that is, attacked for performing their professional duties and representing their clients’ interests – as well as to support and assist the targeted legal profession in their struggle. The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) developed the Toolkit in cooperation with Lawyers for Lawyers and other human rights organisations.