Training “Effective advocacy at UN Human Rights Mechanisms”
17 april 2019

Training “Effective advocacy at UN Human Rights Mechanisms”

Russian Federation

The Institute for Law and Public Policy (ILPP) has invited Lawyers for Lawyers to jointly give a training course in Moscow concerning “Effective advocacy at the United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms”. The training will take place from 19-20 April 2019. Human rights lawyers and civil society activists working in Russia are invited to participate in this 2-day course. A delegation of Lawyers for Lawyers with the support of Kennedy van der Laan will be traveling to Moscow.


The training will provide a unique opportunity to learn how the UN mechanisms work, and how to use them to protect and promote human rights at the national level. During the two days of intensive lectures and workshops, the participants will build on their knowledge about the UN human rights bodies, developing effective advocacy strategies for specific human rights issues and ensuring implementation of the UN bodies’ recommendations at the national level. The participants will be invited to complete written assignments and to engage in a moot court. Training is organized within the Project Bringing Constitutional Law, International Law, and Comparative Law Expertise to Support the Russian Advokatura and other Human Rights Defenders with support from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow. 

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