Lawyers should be able to perform

their duties independently

About us

Lawyers for Lawyers

Lawyers for Lawyers stands up for lawyers who are threatened or are hindered in their work. We support them to fulfil their role as essential agents of the administration of justice. We commit ourselves to preventing and putting a stop to the prosecution, confinement and disappearance of lawyers.


Consultative status

Lawyers for Lawyers has been granted the special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council, also known as the ECOSOC status. The status gives us the right to participate in meetings of the Council, its functional commissions and other subsidiary bodies.

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Become involved

Lawyers for Lawyers stands up for lawyers because we believe that they should be able to perform their jobs without hindrance. You can also help, by signing up as a volunteer for one of our focus groups and helping specific lawyers, lawyers in a certain country or by supporting projects.

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As a non-profit organization we are fully dependent on donations. Without your support we cannot continue to defend lawyers at risk from all over the world. Find out how you can support us financially.