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Focus Groups

Lawyers for Lawyers stands up for lawyers because we believe that they should be able to perform their jobs without hindrance. You can also help, by signing up as a volunteer for one of our focus groups and helping specific lawyers, lawyers in a certain country or by supporting projects.

What does a focus group do?

Lawyers for Lawyers works with two different kinds of focus groups:

  • Project groups. A project group specializes in one specific project. A sponsor event for example, or an award ceremony like the Lawyers for Lawyers Award.
  • Region and country groups. A focus group for a region or country gathers information about lawyers’ situations in a specific country or region. These groups also stand up for individual lawyers where needed, for example by writing letters to local authorities on a regular basis. But they also maintain personal contact with the lawyers involved, and send observers to their trials.

You can join a group on a project basis, or support region and country groups on an ongoing basis. Lawyers for Lawyers actively advises and supports all focus groups.

Who can form a focus group?

Lawyers for Lawyers currently has 10 focus groups. Any lawyer can sign up for a focus group. We also invite lawfirms or Young Bar Associations to sign up as a focus group.

For our groups that focus on a specific country or region, we are also looking for lawyers with knowledge about the specific situation or language in the region in question.


There are currently no vacancies available, however we are always keen to meet motivated lawyer-volunteers. For more information please contact:


Would you like to contribute to our work in a different way?

As a non-profit organization we are fully dependent on donations. Without your support we cannot continue to defend lawyers at risk from all over the world. Find out how you can support us financially.