Highlighting the work of female lawyers

L4L podcast

Lawyers for Lawyers presents the podcast series ‘5 Weeks of Empowerment: Highlighting the Work of Female Lawyers’.

In the run-up to 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day, Lawyers for Lawyers will highlight the important work of inspiring female lawyers in a new podcast series. In our podcast series, we will talk to five female lawyers from all over the world. We will address the challenges they face as women in the male dominated legal profession, who inspires them and the development of the position of female lawyers in their respective countries.

Listen to our episodes with Fatma Karume (Tanzanian lawyer and former President of the Tanganyika Law Society), Génesis Dávila (Venezuelan human rights lawyer, defender, and founder of Defiende Venezuela), Tsiala Ratiana (Georgian human rights lawyer, working for the Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group), Czarina Musni (human rights lawyer and member of the NUPL and UPLM), and Agata Bzdyń (Polish human rights lawyer).

Lawyers for Lawyers · Podcast series 5 Weeks of Empowerment: Highlighting the Work of Female Lawyers