War in Ukraine from a lawyers’ perspective: voicing solidarity among lawyers

Following the invasion of Ukraine, local lawyers have been seriously compromised in the ability to continue their job. In its wake, the same goes for Belarusian and Russian lawyers, who have been subjected to increased repressive measures. As such, the wider consequences of this war place an immense strain on the ability of Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian lawyers to continue practising their profession. Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about the wider consequences the war might have for lawyers, and wants to speak out in support of the lawyers who continue to protect and further the rule of law and human rights. This page contains informative posts on the situation. In this way, Lawyers for Lawyers wants to show solidarity with those lawyers who are under threat and give them a voice.

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19 april 2022

From one day to the next, everything is at stake. Lawyer Iurii Grygorenko tells what is happening in Ukraine


“Excuse me, I’m still a little sleepy. Lots of air raid sirens last night.” Iurii Grygorenko, lawyer and member of the Ukrainian National Bar Association’s Committee for Lawyers Rights, shows up at 9 a.m. on 18 March 2022 for an

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15 april 2022

Russian lawyers prevented from carrying out their professional duties

Russian Federation

Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about threats to the independence of the legal profession and access to justice in the Russian Federation. Since 24 February 2022 mass protests against the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine have been taking place in

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13 april 2022

Concerns about disciplinary proceedings against lawyers who have signed a public statement against the war in Ukraine


In letters to the Belarusian Republican Bar Association, the Minsk City Bar Association, and the Minsk Regional Bar Association, Lawyers for Lawyers has expressed concern about the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against lawyers who have signed a public statement (Petition)

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21 maart 2022

Joint oral statement to Human Rights Council on the Russian Federation

Russian Federation

On 21 March 2022, Lawyers for Lawyers alongside Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, the Law Society of England and Wales, and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute, delivered an oral statement on the Russian Federation during the General Debate. The

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