1. General

1.1         These privacy rules apply to the processing of personal data by the Dutch Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation (Chamber of Commerce no. 41181988) referred to hereinafter as “L4L”.

1.2         These privacy rules may be amended from time to time to enable L4L to continue to comply with amended laws and regulations. The latest version is always made available via

2. Controller of the data processing

2.1         L4L (Chamber of Commerce no. 41181988) is the controller of the processing of personal data. L4L’s contact details are: Beethovenstraat 400, 1082PR Amsterdam,

2.2         The personal data will be made available to L4L employees if and in so far as necessary for the processing of personal data in accordance with the purposes of the processing described in Article 4 of these privacy rules.

3. Personal data

3.1         L4L obtains your personal data in various ways.

(A)          When you donate to L4L, your name, email address and, if applicable, your bank account number and authorisation form are processed. In the event of authorisation for continuous direct debit, your address and signature are also processed. These data are necessary in order to register and process your donation.

(B)          If you participate in the Dam to Dam Run through Lawyers for Lawyers, we will collect your name, email address, bank account number, authorisation forms, office/private address and telephone number.

(C)         If you are an L4L volunteer or work for L4L in some other way, we will register your data for the purpose of our volunteer records.

(D)         If you place an order through the L4L online shop, your name, address and email address will be processed. These data are necessary in order to process your order.

(E)          If you have indicated that you want to be kept up to date on our work and new events and campaigns, by means of a newsletter for example, we will also process your personal data. In that event we will process your name and email address, the name of the organisation and country.

(F)          When you participate in events, depending on the event we will process your name, email address, job title and office address.

(G)         If you are nominated for our bi-annual event, the “Lawyers for Lawyers Award”, we will process your name, email address, country, biography and nomination documents, possibly also your correspondence address and telephone number, and, if you win, your bank details. If you are the contact for a nominated organisation or acting as referent, we will process your name, job title and email address, and your organisation’s name, correspondence address, country and nomination documents.

(H)          We will process your name, email address and telephone number and the name of the organisation for our contact records.

(I)            We will also process the data that you have shared with us online. When signing a petition, for example. In that event we will process your name and email address.

(J)           In addition to information that you have personally provided, we may also collect information about you from public sources.

(K)          We also collect your personal data in order to provide the services you have requested. In that event we collect your name, email address, telephone number if possible, and information about your personal situation.

4. Purposes of data processing

4.1         We process your personal data so that we:

(A)          can process and manage your donation.

(B)          can provide the services you requested.

(C)          can ensure that our administrative records comply with (statutory) financial and tax obligations.

(D)          can keep you informed about new events and campaigns and ask you for another donation. If you stop your donations, we will only keep doing so if you have given consent for the use of your name and email address for that purpose.

(E)          can process your online order.

(F)          can process your attendance at an event, for example for points within the context of permanent education.

(G)         can organise events, like the L4L Award ceremony.

(H)         can manage our contact records.

(I)           can keep web statistics and register you if you have signed one of our petitions.

4.2         We will ask for your consent before using data for purposes other than those described in these privacy rules.

5. Consent

5.1         If and in so far as there is no other statutory basis applicable for L4L’s processing of personal data, L4L will request your consent for the processing of personal data by L4L or third parties.

5.2         Consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending an email to L4L at or by contacting us by telephone at +31 20 7171 638. L4L will confirm the withdrawal of your consent in writing.

5.3         Withdrawing consent does not prejudice the lawfulness of the processing based on consent up until the time of withdrawal.

5.4         If consent is withdrawn, L4L will destroy all personal data to which the consent applied if and in so far as L4L cannot reasonably invoke another statutory basis for its processing of these personal data.

6. Retention periods

6.1         L4L will retain personal data as long as necessary for the purposes for which the data were obtained and, if applicable, during the retention periods ensuing from the law with which L4L must comply.

6.2         After the applicable retention periods have expired, L4L will destroy or anonymise the personal data.

7. Data protection

7.1         L4L has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure personal data.

7.2         All individuals who can view your personal data on instructions from L4L are obliged to keep them confidential.

8. Processors and third parties

8.1         In processing personal data, L4L uses processors.

8.2         If L4L transfers personal data to recipients outside of the European Union, as the case may be, or to international organisations, L4L will inform you in advance of whether a European Commission adequacy decision has been taken or which adequate safeguards L4L applies to protect these personal data, and where these can be viewed.

8.3         L4L uses the service MailChimp for sending newsletters. MailChimp is offered by The Rocket Science Group LLC, which has its registered office in the United States. The data processed via MailChimp are processed in the United States and in accordance with the safeguards of the Privacy Shield Framework. To learn more about the Privacy Shield Framework, visit

8.4         If L4L proceeds to rectify, delete or restrict the use of personal data, it will inform processors and third parties of this, unless this proves impossible or requires unreasonable effort.

9. Your rights in respect of the processing of personal data

9.1         Individuals whose personal data are processed by or on the instructions of L4L have the following rights and may contact us at any time at, or by telephone at +31 20 7171 638:

(A)          the right to access, rectify and delete personal data;

(B)          the right to object to processing or to limit processing;

(C)          the right to request transfer of personal data; and

(D)          the right to receive a copy of all personal data that are processed.

9.2          If you have complaints about the processing of personal data by L4L, you may submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority at any time.