Lawyers should be able to do their jobs freely and independently. Always and everywhere. Even if their work displeases the government, the bar association or the establishment. In reality however, this isn’t always the case. Lawyers for Lawyers supports lawyers that are hindered in performing their important work as a protector of the rule of law.

Lawyers at risk

In many places all around the world lawyers are being hindered in their work. Because they take on politically sensitive cases, for example. Or because they are identified with their clients who speak out against the local government.

Hindrance comes in many forms. Lawyers can be intimidated, threatened or detained. In some countries lawyers are even murdered. These lawyers have to pay a high personal price for their battle for the rights of others.

Defending lawyers

Lawyers for Lawyers supports lawyers who are threatened and hindered in exercising their work. By generating international attention and public awareness for example. But we also provide them with moral and legal support and lobby for legislation to protect lawyers. We empower lawyers to defend themselves and to strengthen the independent status of the legal profession in their own country.

Because of these various efforts by us and others, retaliations against lawyers are stopped or alleviated. Lawyers are being released from custody and prison sentences are converted into house arrest. Sometimes travel bans are lifted and various disciplinary procedures by bar associations have been put to an end.

Lawyers we support

All over the globe lawyers are intimidated, threatened, physically attacked or imprisoned. These lawyers have to risk their personal freedom because they defend the rights of others. Lawyers for Lawyers supports these lawyers.

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Countries of the lawyers we have supported

Governments have the duty to protect lawyers against threats and to ensure that they are not hindered in their work. In reality however, lawyers all over the world are threatened, intimidated, prosecuted or imprisoned. At Lawyers for Lawyers, we stand up for these lawyers in a number of countries.

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